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Strength Training
Body fitness See Illustrated Workout Routines showing strength training exercises with pictures and instructions.

Sexy Workout - How to have buns of steel ...

How Muscles Work - Did you know how your muscles really work?

Correct Workout Order - When working out it is best to train larger muscles first and smaller muscles last.

Stretching - Stretching is very important. Do these stretching exercises every time you work out!

Timing Your Workout - Before dawn. Before bed. When should you work out?

Bigger Arms - Building better arms isn't just about working your triceps and biceps....

Last Rep - Is squeezing out that last rep really the best thing?

How Do You Prevent Injury? - Follow these suggestions to decrease the chances of injury....

Over Training - Over training (staleness, over fatigue, chronic fatigue) is a rather usual problem among athletes.

Biggest Bodybuilder - Super heavyweight giant bodybuilder.

Female Bodybuilding - Illustrated bodybuilding competition.

Female Bodybuilding Video - Working out with free weights at the gym.

Sexy Japanese Exercise Video - Japanese girl showing some exotic exercise ...

Sexy Workout Video - Nice girl showing various workout routines ...

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