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Coffee Reduces Risk of Liver Cirrhosis


A US study of 125,580 men and women over 20 years found a 22% reduced risk of developing alcoholic cirrhosis for each cup of coffee drunk per day.

Drinking less than one cup of coffee a day was found to reduce the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis by 30%; one to three cups by 40%; and four or more cups by 80%.

There was also a small but non-significant reduction in other forms of cirrhosis - not associated with alcohol - in coffee drinkers.

To look at liver damage the team measured certain enzymes in the blood.

Levels of the enzymes were significantly higher in heavy drinkers, however those who drank both alcohol and coffee had lower levels than those who drank alcohol but not coffee, with the strongest relationship in the heaviest drinkers.

It should not be forgotten that obesity is also associated with an increased risk of cirrhosis.

If you are drinking alcohol, you may want to know the symptoms of alcoholism

And yes, a good massage is quite healthy.

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