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Fish In Your Diet

Include a Healthy Dose of Fish in Your Diet

This is No Fish Tale!

Fish helps lower cholesterol (the bad kind) and it is low in fat and calories so it can aid in weight loss if it's not fried, breaded or grilled in butter or oil.

Now there's a new study that shows fish may help stave off certain types of cancers. A research study recently done in Milan, Italy compared 10,000 hospital patients who had cancer to 8,000 other patients who did not have cancer. Before the cancer tests or hospital admission, they were all asked how much and how often they ate fish, on average. Those who ate one or more servings a week showed a definite pattern of protection against cancers such as stomach, mouth, pharynx, esophagus, colon and rectum.

Fish may be an even healthier choice than previously thought. Remember, tuna salad (easy on the mayo) counts too as well as fish chowder and fish dips (made with low cal dressing and/or cream sauce).
So it's not as tough as you think to include fish a few times a week in your diet.

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