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Six Major Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Are you thinking of doing Pilates?

The Pilates exercises are one of the most popular fitness systems in the world today. Created by Joseph Pilates during the 1920s, the Pilates exercises are meant to be a holistic method of toning and strengthening the body by stabilizing the body's core muscles.

There are many benefits that you can get from doing Pilates and these benefits are what make the Pilates exercises very attractive to those who want to keep their bodies fit and trim.

Of all these benefits, here are the six biggest ones that will definitely entice you to do Pilates yourself.

Pilates exercises
1. Pilates is a holistic fitness system. Although the focus of Pilates is on strengthening the core muscles of the body - that is, the muscles of the abdomen and the back - you get a total fitness workout program using this system. Pilates exercises teach you to become more aware of your body so you can consciously identify which parts you need to work on. They also help in calming the mind and keeping you relaxed.

2. Pilates is adaptable. The beauty of the Pilates exercises is that you can adapt the exercises to suit your needs. For instance, if you have a bad back, you can modify the exercises so that you would not put too much stress on your back. If you are suffering from spondylosis or any other condition that hinders the movement of your limbs, you can alter the exercises to compensate for what you cannot do.

3. Pilates makes you strong and flexible. We associate strength-building with doing exercises that increase the bulk of the muscles; that does not appeal to a lot of us. We also associate flexibility with doing the seemingly complicated stretches done in yoga; that does not appeal to a lot of us, either. With Pilates, we can enjoy building strength without the bulk and creating flexibility without the weird stretches.

4. Pilates makes you more aware of your body. Integrating the mind with the body is one of the fundamental principles of the Pilates exercises. With Pilates, your mind becomes more aware and in tune of your body. This is very helpful when it comes to preventing injuries. You can increase your control and concentration with Pilates.

5. Pilates improves your posture and makes you graceful. One of the biggest benefits of doing Pilates is that it makes you stand up straight and move more gracefully. Because the exercises strengthen your core, your posture can improve greatly. And because the exercises make your mind more aware of your body, your movements become more coordinated and, therefore, more graceful.

6. Pilates can make you happy. The biggest benefit of Pilates is that it can increase your sense of well-being. The exercises can keep your energy levels up and your blood circulation high. They can also stimulate the production of hormones that help you become more relaxed and pull your stress levels down. With Pilates, not only does your body become healthy, but you also become relaxed, more centered and happy.

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