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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing: Learning the Art of this Exotic Dance

Pole dancing
When you say the words pole dancing most people would automatically think about men's clubs.

The truth is pole dancing is a form of performing art that combines dancing, gymnastics and the use of a pole. It is an exotic sensual dance that involves graceful acrobatic moves using a metal pole for support. Aside from that, it has also transcended as an aerobic dance workout for health and fitness since it requires strength, flexibility, and endurance.

If you want to engage in this activity to keep yourself fit, to participate in competitions, or to simply to feel sexy, here are various important things you have to know about this exotic dance.

Finding a Pole

The first thing you need is to find a pole that you can use for practicing. For one, you can go visit the gym or enroll in a pole dancing class. If you prefer to do it in the privacy of your own home, you can buy or build your own pole. Portable poles as well as building kits are available online. Prices range from $100 to $300.


Since pole dancing is a physical activity, you have to be in good shape before engaging in this activity. You also have to consult your doctor before undergoing any fitness or program that relates to pole dancing especially if you have existing medical conditions.

Before you begin dancing on the pole, do warm up exercises first to prepare your body for the strenuous activity. Several types of warm ups can be done around the pole such as swinging steps (grasp the pole with your hand nearest to it and let your body weight hang out from the pole while slowly walking around it), upper body warm-up (stand facing the pole then hook your right leg around it behind the knee, grasp it with your right hand and bend your upper body part forward from the waist and then arch back), and squats and knee lifts.

Pole Dancing Move

One of the most widely admired moves is the wrap-around, a simple and sexy move that involves these easy steps. Stand in front of a pole at a slight angle and then place your inside foot at its base. After this, grab the pole at your head height with your stronger hand. Have inside of your foot and hand be on the same side of your body. Straighten your arm, lean away from the pole so that your body weight is hanging away from the pole.

Stabilize this with your inside foot and strong arm. Keep your outside leg straight and swing it around the pole. Place your outside foot behind the other foot and then work on to transfer the weight to the outside foot.

Have your inside leg hook around the front part of the pole and then arch your body back while sliding your hand lower to make the arch deeper. Complete the routine by straightening your back and taking your leg off the pole.

Once you have perfected this routine, you can move on to other styles such as fireman spin, ballerina spin, upside down style, and so on.

Safety Considerations

Wipe off any lotion or oil on your hands before doing this activity. Friction is important to avoid falling off the pole. Wipe the pole thoroughly before using it. Also, you should use sneakers first during the initial learning process. Dancing in high heels can be dangerous especially if you are going to do acrobatic moves. You can switch to heels once you have familiarized with the rudiments of this dance.

Ensure sufficient clearance in the room so you can extend your arms and legs freely without bumping into something. See to it that the pole is stable and sturdy. Check many times before using it. It should be securely fastened onto the floor and ceiling and should be able to take your weight. This is to avoid any serious injuries that may be caused by falling off the pole.

It helps if you are flexible
Flexible girl

Pole dancing pictures:

Stretching Exercise Video

Cross Fitness

Learning the art of pole dancing is not difficult if you have the right attitude and patience. If you do not reside near a dance studio or a gym, you can always look for online instructional videos or DVDs.

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